ARS box

Descrizione azienda

ARS box is a new site dedicated to who’s looking for high quality images, and to the authors who creates these images. An artistic community and a commercial site to promote the encounter of demand and supply (cutomers on one side and authors on the other).

ARS box collects the best works from the best photographers and illustrators and make them availbale to who's looking for images to show a product, create a flyer/brochure, advertise, for editorials, books and whatever project in which a good image is important. It's incredible how much a good image is able to communicate concepts and ideas.

ARS box combines the need of the buyer to get a good product at a good price, with the ambitions of the author for a reasonable compensation . We want authors to know they are selling their images at a competitive market price, but earning at the same time a proper royalty. ARS box works as a "microstock" site for raoyalty free images but also as a web selling platform for photographers (using Private Galleries, they can also supply customers with their works for free or on payment, and also with Rights Managed licenses).