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Media.Monks is a global partnership of digital advertising and marketing services teams that leverage their talent to provide world-renowned brands with unparalleled innovation. Built for digital, we help brands and businesses consolidate their marketing and technology spend, de-silo their organization and innovate how they reach, respond and sell to their consumers.

With us, you'll find a diverse group of colleagues with different backgrounds and perspectives. We believe everyone has something of value to offer, and that sustaining a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace begins with fostering an environment where people can be themselves, authentically, every day. We want to build something with the potential to change the heart of our industry, and we’d love to include your unique perspective.

Now, about the opportunity: In the Copywriter position you’ll be responsible for developing the social content for a leading car brand. As a social-first creative you’ll need to craft ideas that demonstrate cultural relevance and resonance, that stretch across social platforms. Additionally, our ideal candidate is a fast and flexible go-getter who jumps on new opportunities. You’ll be part of a new international team dedicated to creating integrated work.

  • As a Content Writer at Media.Monks, you wield words, wisdom and wit on behalf of top-name clients who seek us for the creative production of their digital products, content and campaigns.
  • Handling large-scale requests along with single lines of copy, you’ll craft content for various projects at once—working on just about anything involved in selling cars and servicing owners.
  • Covering anything from sales copy and social content to scripts and creative copy, you’ll focus on digital content such as landing pages, social assets, website banners, CRM emails, newsletters and digital POS copy and printed materials ranging from flyers and fully fledged brochures to mirror hangers and ICS posters.
  • Since you’ll know the details of each model best, you’ll also help our teams in nailing the messaging and content for the campaigns we produce.
  • We’re looking for an excellent Italian native, with a high level of English, who can work at the highest international level
  • You will be focused on cars and are able to present a portfolio that showcases your ability to work for automotive brands.
  • You know how to sell the benefits of different models in a way that speaks to car drivers, pinpointing what consumers are looking for and putting that up front (instead of the illuminati, we believe in inverted pyramids).
  • You can produce quality content out of thin air as well as based on briefs or input written by others.
  • You have a proven ability to tackle the same topic from a variety of angles and can produce alts for internal reviews and A/B tests like ABC.
  • Your writing is clear and compelling at the same time: convincing without bullshit, cheesy puns or esoteric language (the cognoscenti have no need for grandiloquence).
  • You combine creativity with critical thinking; your analytical approach enables you to ask the right questions and make sense of content and sales strategies.
  • You know about the good, the bad and the ugly of programmatic advertising, behavioural targeting and dynamic content.
  • You have a knack for structure and organisation—both in words and in the way you work—creating and collaborating through comprehensive content matrices based on spec sheets and other technical requirements.
  • You can always make a case for your copy, rationalising your choices and considerations to win people over with your words.
  • You’re comfortable jumping in and out at any stage of a project—from first ideas to final words—always delivering tight work, even under tight deadlines.
  • You have a great sense of personal responsibility and eagerly go the extra mile if that’s what it takes to make good great.
  • You’re keen to take ownership on an ongoing account, handling all the work for one key client instead of switching between clients and teams.


  • Italian as a mother tongue.
  • High level of English
  • A digital native, active across social platforms.
  • 4+ years of proven work experience as a social-first creative.
  • A keen understanding of social platforms and formats, and how to optimise creativity to them.
  • Experience working on automotive accounts.
  • Experience in developing or implementing social playbooks.
  • Experience of developing exciting social executions for brands.
  • Good knowledge of typography, image manipulation, and illustration.
  • A keen eye for visual details and accuracy.
  • A deep understanding of consumer behaviour, and adapting content plans to address the needs of the community.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • A great team player.

Inspired by the connectivity and flexibility of technology APIs, our single-P&L model offers clients seamless access to a nearly 6,000-strong team of multidisciplinary digital talent organized across 57 talent hubs in 33 countries. This means we can deliver table stakes quickly, creating cost efficiencies from day one to push up the creative effectiveness of our work with every cycle. We help transform businesses into digital-first brands and make legacy brands famous across feeds and buyable everywhere in an ecosystem of best-in-class experiences.

We are an equal-opportunity employer committed to building a respectful and empowering work environment for all people to freely express themselves amongst colleagues who embrace diversity in all respects. Including fresh voices and unique points of view in all aspects of our business not only creates an environment where we can all grow and thrive but also increases our potential to produce work that better represents—and resonates with—the world around us. We promote an environment that encourages everyone to be their authentic selves every day as we work together to build something we believe has the potential to change the heart of our industry.

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Pubblicazione: 20/08/2021

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